April 26, 2021

Engine Rebuild (Part 2)

It's now 6 months since the engine came out of the car, and the parts are finally back from machining. I visit Mastertouch to inspect the machined parts and all the new parts that are ready to go in to the engine. I take lots of photos (see gallery below) of everything, I know from experience that receipts can say anything, once the engine is assembled there is no way of knowing what's inside.

The bores are now 60 thou oversize. The original fuelie heads look fantastic, the castings look brand new and they now have hardened seats, stainless valves, new brass valve guides and modern valve stem seals.

Pistons and rods have been weight matched and the crank balanced.

Note the engine block casting number pictured below (3782870), this was the original 327 casting used from '62–'65 only. All high-performance 327s used this casting until '65, including the 375hp L84. The casting date (A205 or possibly A235) shows the block was cast around January 20th 1965.

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