September 2, 2021

Correspondence with Paul Nelson

Hi Chris,

I wondered what happened to the Vette.  I knew Rob had it up for sale...(how much did you pay out of interest?)

The wheels I put on myself and I had special hub caps made for the car in Melbourne. (they were expensive) Don’t know why Rob changed them as they suited the car ....but everyone’s different.  I noticed you have rebuilt the engine ...why??? it would have had only 10,000 miles (I am guessing) on the last rebuild......and the guy from Corvette corner said it was probably it’s second rebuild as the bores were 60 thou oversized. I imported the car myself and it was shipped over by Jim Lau of Gold Coast Muscle Cars.................I have imported 3 cars before and used Jim each time.

That photo with the Turbine Wheels was taken at my place on the Gold Coast.

I didn’t really need to do much to the car as it was pretty good from the start.......Just new carpet and the wheels and tires. I think I had the radiator o/hauled. I drove it probably 3 times a week.

Here are some photos I dug up.  I have moved away from Yank cars now....into German machines.......both of them I have restored here on the gold coast. Pagoda roof Benz and rare E9 them both 3 or 4 times a week.

Best of luck with the old girl.....amazing what these classic cars have to tell in their history.  My Benz started out in Blackburn England (2 mths).....went to Spain (14 yrs) on to Germany (3 yrs) then on to California where I bought it......RHD would you believe......and only 1 owner German Fellow now about 85yrs old.


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