May 24, 2018

Correspondence with Galen Dae (Part 3)


Guess my work e mail works. My full size keyboard is easier to type than my laptop at home. Glad to hear a bit of history on the car after it left me. Running the motor without any oil? Wow! Can’t believe that would happen as anybody who would own an investment grade collector car would be on top of it!

Anyway glad the motor was blueprinted and balanced. It must run like a beast now. Even when it was not rebuilt it still could snap your neck on 1st. and 2nd. Gear.

I used to put a bottle of lead additive when filling up with premium unleaded fuel. In the winter when it was not driven much I poured some fuel stabilizer to extend the life of the gas. It was always full so that there was little air to build up any condensation. A full tank would last almost a year since it wasn’t driven much.

I accidently put a small crack by the amber left turn signal housing as I was leaving a show and didn’t see a small cone. It wedged there and I had to back up to remove it. I put some glazing putty there and touched it up with a brush so it wasn’t even that noticeable. Dummy me!

There’s some slight texture of fiberglass tape or mat at the driver’s side quarter panel if you look close when the light is right. I think it may have had some repairs there at the time it was painted. I’ve never had any collisions or other repairs on it when I owned it.

I never washed the car and only wiped it down after driving it. The only time I used water was when I had it up on jack stands cleaning the dirt out of the frame. I used a water hose and washed the inside and outside of the frame. I think I had at least 3 pounds of red clay sand/dirt that came out of there.

When I did drive the car I would spend about 30 min under the car with a rag and WD-40 cleaning out any residue/dust that got picked up. My wife said I was nuts!!

I had checked the inner fenders in the front and found that the original bonding strips are still intact and noticed that the fenders are originals since they were original yellowish/green from the factory. It was missing the underside little body plugs so I install repro ones from Mid America. The seats were removed so I could clean the carpet and lubricate the seat tracks. Whomever did the upholstery did an excellent job as the foam and springs were replaced.

The long side aluminum strip running the length of the car below the door is original to the car. I removed them both and cleaned up the crap accumulated on the inside and repainted the black strip . It looks fantastic. The dome light bulb was also replaced but not the housing.

I will make copies of my old DMV docs and send that to you and if I think of anything else or find any other paperwork, I will send it to you. Thanks for providing your address.



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