March 1, 2022

Wrong hole!

The steering knuckles on the C2 Corvette have 2 holes for the tie-rods. The tie-rods on the Red Rocket have always been located in the forward hole, something that I (stupidly) never questioned. I had been led to believe that the forward hole made the steering 'faster', with fewer turns lock-to-lock.

When I took the car to S R Performance to have the Wilwood brakes fitted, they asked me why I used this set-up for the steering. Apparently the forward holes are intended for cars with power steering, while manual steering cars use the rear holes (which provide more leverage).

The boys at S R Performance moved the tie-rods to the rear holes and did a wheel alignment for me. Who would guess that such a simple thing could make such a huge difference to the driveability!

The difference is like night and day. With the tie-rods relocated the steering is significantly lighter, it completely transforms the car around the city.

If you've got a C2 Corvette with manual steering, go out to the garage now and make sure you've got your rods in the right hole.

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