March 23, 2000

Correspondence from Mike DiCola

When Mike DiCola was looking to sell the Corvette in 2000 he corresponded with several interested buyers. The following letter was sent to one of those potential buyers. Original copies of the Concours points sheet and the chronology of the build of the car mentioned below are included in the car's history file.

Enclosed is the report on my 65 Corvette that you requested. Also enclosed is the Concours points sheet from September of 1998, as well as a chronology of the build of the car.

Since I have owned the car, repairs/maintenance have included replacing both motor mounts as the originals were a bit mushy, and replacement of the trans mount, also a bit mushy. Prior to the last rally that my son and I went on in October of 99, I installed some halogen headlights (I really wanted to see at night), but I saved the T-3 ones. I replaced both the left and right side rear wheel bearings and seals. A tune up that included points, plugs, cap, rotor, air filter, oil and oil filter, and a carb rebuild were also performed at that time.

I expect to hear from the folks at the Hartford auto show this week about acceptance to the Feb. show, and should the car be accepted I intend to have the Air cleaner assembly and ignition shielding re-chromed. The original chrome looks good, but its beginning to have that *old look that doesn't do the rest of the car justice. I think that I was marked down a bit at the concours for that part of the engine compartment. I will also remove, clean, and freshen the exhaust manifolds as they do have some discolouration to them.

The underside of the car is darned near as perfect as the upper side of the car. Its clean, no oil drippage. There are several minor cracks in the body/paint, 2 very small 1/4 inch in length side by side cracks in the paint 6-10 inches forward of the left front wheel arch. No idea as to what caused it. They were there when I bought the car and have not grown since. There is also a small crack in the paint on the left windshield pillar. Included with the car is the original jack assembly, KO hammer that is new and a second hammer that is used. The original owners manual in its original plastic bag is also there.

The awards that this car has garnered include:

  • 1st place Diablo Valley Corvettes show at Southshore in California in August of 1994
  • 1st place Diablo Valley Corvettes show at Southshore in California in August of 1995
  • 3rd place Stock 63-67 at the Larry Park memorial show in California in September of 1996
  • 1st place Unrestored Corvette at the Hartford auto show in Hartford Ct in January of 1998
  • 1st place Unrestored Sports car at the Hartford auto show in Hartford Ct on Jan 4-6, 2000
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