November 4, 2023

2023 Driveline Rebuild (Clutch)

The rebuilt shifter feels amazing, it's very tight and the throw is much shorter than before — it really feels like new.

  • Removed bellhousing, gearbox and driveshaft
  • Machined flywheel
  • Fitted Exidy clutch kit (clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing)
  • Fitted shifter linkage rebuild kit and adjusted shifter
  • Fitted new transmission tunnel insulation (factory correct fiberglass)
  • Fitted new universal joints to driveshaft
  • Fitted new (rubber) gearbox mount
A video walkaround of the Corvette on the day I picked it up from SR Performance. Note that the rear-end is sitting a bit high, the suspension settled down quite a bit once it was driven. Also note the exhaust note, the new Magnaflow exhaust sounds fantastic. The 69 Camaro in the background has just arrived from the USA, it's fitted with a 502ci crate motor!
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