November 4, 2023

2023 Driveline Rebuild (Rear End)

The diff housing in the Red Rocket has casting number #3818753-N. Diff housings in 1965 used casting #3818753-N until February, replaced by #3876476N which carried through 1966 (the "N" means nodular iron, vs. grey iron). The code 'AP' stamped on the diff housing indicates a 4.11:1 (refer to Corvette Rear Axle Codes & Ratios link below). The diff housing date code is 1-14-65 (14 January 1965), which, together with the casting number, confirms that the housing is original to the car.

  • Removed spare wheel tub, rear suspension, diff and sub-frame.
  • Repaired cracked welds on sub-frame mount brackets (both sides) including adding gussets for strength.
  • Media-blast sub frame and powder coat (satin black).
  • Clean and paint chassis, clean fiberglass.
  • Rebuild diff with new bearings, seals and clutches.
  • Add drain plug to diff housing, clean and repaint (cast grey).
  • Fit new universal joints to drive shaft and both half shafts.
  • Install new rubber bushings for strut rods, trailing arms, diff cushion, sub frame cushions, sway bar ends.
  • Clean and paint sway bar (cast grey).
  • Sand blast strut rods and sway bar brackets and repaint (satin black)
  • Reinstall everything.
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