May 25, 2018

Correspondence with Galen Dae (Part 4)


The car is stunning, interior still looks fantastic. The driver’s seat doesn’t look that cracked. The conditioning really made it last a long time. I think the interior carpet and seats were put in about 3 years before I had it so it’s about 30 years old. The rubber stripping above the door was replaced after I got it as the old one’s had deteriorated to a point that the rubber was crumbling leaving only rusty metal. The screws were incorrect so I purchased NOS screws for it at $5 a screw.

The door hinge pillar rubber strip was also replaced by me as it was missing completely on both sides. Seat belt buckle emblems were missing so I replaced them with repro ones. The seat back round chrome vent piece was also missing so that was replaced. Seat belts are original I think.

I remember the speaker grill was a bit higher towards the rear so I removed the glove box to peek in and see what was causing it. Looks like the screw was cross threaded in the post so I tried to unscrew it and thread it evenly but the bolt was starting to strip the post so I just left it alone.

The engine compartment still looks fantastic. The addition of the dual brake cylinder was a smart move as I remember trying to stop the car was quite an effort as it was still non power assisted.

The air cleaner and shielding looks like new. Guess over the years any chrome starts to pit. I applied the Harrison Radiator sticker to the top of the radiator and it still looks new. The valve covers are original to the car and so are the valve cover screws. I had replaced the 350 Horsepower sticker twice as the heat just causes it to become brittle and fall off.

I did not replace the inside rear view mirror as it was in good shape, I think it’s original but not sure. I see there’s a right side mirror on it now. Good safety choice. I had thought about installing one also but didn’t because it was not offered in 65 and didn’t want to drill any holes in the door.

Gas cap was replaced with a repro one from Mid America as the one’s plastic top was cracked with the emblem being faded. The red Corvette mats were in there when I purchased the car and they still look like new.

The antenna is the incorrect one installed as it does retract all the way into the body. The original style ones stuck up part way after being retracted.

Anyway Chris I know you will take care of her like I did and enjoy it as much too. Thank you for sending me the pics and keeping in touch. I’m sure I will be sending you more tid-bits of information.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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