May 11, 2000

Correspondence between Mike DiCola and Gary Batson (Part 1)

When Mike DiCola was looking to sell the Corvette in 2000 he corresponded with several interested buyers. The following letters were sent to Gary Batson, the person who ultimately purchased the car from Mike.

Hello Gary... lets see if I can put your mind at rest a tell you a little about me and give you a few references.

I have been involved with the VSCCA (Vintage Sports Car Club of America) for about 20 years now, and presently take car of a dozen or so vintage sports cars for a few select customers. Basically I maintain several Allards, a 1929 Bentley 3 litre, some Bristol sports cars, a Taraschi Formula Junior, a Ferrari Dino and a number of other rather esoteric cars. I maintain them mostly for vintage racing and perform only mechanical services on these vehicles, I do not do paint or interiors. Feel free to call any or all of the names I am about to give you.

John Schieffelin: Board of directors member of the VSCCA, Curator of the Yankee Candle Car museum in Deerfield Mass, customer for almost 20 years. He owns an Allard K3, and Arnolt Bristol, a Bristol 403, an MG-TC and a 1929 Bentley, all of which I maintain and all which he races except for the Bristol 403.

Jim Donick: Editor of the VSCCA newsletter, employee of IBM, customer for 15+ years. Jim owns a Allard L-Type special, and Allard K-2 an Allard J-2, a Triumph TR3 and an Austin Healey 100-4. I maintain all 3 of Jims Allards, and when I get done restoring the J-2, all 3 will be racing.

Wes Bergen: a retired fellow who has been a friend for many years, and also a customer. Wes is a retired jeweller from New York City and now lives in northwest Connecticut. He has owned a number of cars including some pre-war Alfa Romeo's, a few AC Bristols, an Arnolt Bristol and a Taraschi Formula Junior. Several years ago I mechanically restored his Arnolt, and over the winter of this past year I mechanically restored his Formula Junior.

These are just a few guys who's cars I maintain, and please feel free to contact one or all of them. I am not a car dealer in any way, as I have owned most of my cars for over 5 years, except for the Vette. After working on cars for a living, you might understand why I wanted a car that was in mint condition. I love working on these old race cars, but I had no desire to work or restore one for myself, and thats why I bought this Vette. I am also involved in my community, a rather small one of 3500 people. I am Co-Chair of the Hadley Historical Commission, having been a member for about 5 years now. If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know.

Regarding the maintenance on the Vette…

here is what I have done to it since I bought it:

…several oil and filter changes, 1 major tune up including most recently plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air filter. 1 Carb overhaul last year, new rear wheel bearings both inner and outer as well as new rear seals. Flushed the brake fluid out completely and replenished it with DOT 4 fluid.

In Feb of this year I also had all the ignition shielding and the air cleaner assembly re-chromed just prior to the auto show. at the same time, i removed the exhaust manifolds and re-colored/refreshed them so that they would look a bit better..they were discolored a bit and I wanted it to show better at the auto show. 2 years ago I replaced the left motor mount and the trans mount as they were a bit soft and the originals.

I have a spare new right motor mount. I also replaced the front floor mats, and the sill plates just prior to the show.the older sill plates got with the car. I replaced the battery in February of this year. There are no discernable oil leaks at all. The car has been sitting in my garage now unmoved for 3 weeks and there is no oil drippage anywhere.

I believe that the brakes were done before I bought the car and now have stainless steel sleeves. The brake pads have quite a bit of material on them left. Exhaust mufflers were also replaced prior to my buying the car, and still look new and sound new. all hoses and belts are fairly new and show no age at all...still in show condition with correct markings and clamps. Seats were redone in leather way back in the mid/early 80's but look as though they were done last year. I think that by far I have put the most mileage on the car that any of the previous 4 owners combined, and I have put on about 4500 miles in 3 years.

Talk to you later this evening, but at least you can digest all of this…



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