The C2 Corvette Sting Ray isn't just one of the greatest American car, it's one of the great cars. What made the Sting Ray so special? This brief history of the C2 and the Red Rocket provides some clues.

Corvette production St Louis

Facts & Figures

1965 was a big year for the Corvette. New engine options, improved cooling and 4-wheel disc brakes are just a few of the improvements introduced in '65.

L79 Engine

New for ‘65, the 327/350hp engine RPO L79 was the first performance engine from Chevrolet with hydraulic lifters. It would become one of the legendary V8s of the ‘60s muscle car era.

1963–1967 CORVETTE price GUIDE

What would it cost to put a 1963–1967 Corvette Sting Ray in your garage? The C2 Corvette Price Guide is a searchable database of 63–67 Sting Rays offered for sale in Australia over the last 18 months. Updated: View low, high and average prices for every model variant.

FEATURED Journal Entries

June 2024
Professional Photo Shoot – Exterior

In June 2024 I engaged Steve Orr from Shoot My Car to photograph the Red Rocket.

March 2022
Wilwood Brake Upgrade

There's only one way to permanently solve the problem of leaking brake callipers on a C2 Corvette — replace them! If you want a bolt-on solution there's really only one choice, the Wilwood D8-4 kit.

April 2021
Engine Rebuild (Part 2)

With the machining completed, it's time to start building the engine.