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Rollmaster Double Row Timing Chain Set
Rollmaster Double Row Timing Chain Set
Outlaw Speed Shop
Date Fitted
May 2021
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The Rollmaster Red series High Performance Timing Chain Set is manufactured using billet steel for both the crank and camshaft sprockets. This kit comes with 9-keyway crankshaft sprocket to allow more adjustment for dialling in the cam. Crankshaft sprocket keyways are in 2 degree increments. The relationship from crank keyway to camshaft sprocket timing is 2:1 meaning that the amount of advance or retard at the camshaft is in one degree increments i.e. 1, 2, 3 or 4 degrees. Multiple keyways are a solid fixture and do not tend to move or work lose like offset dowels, thus providing a positive locking of the cam timing to the desired position.

Rollmaster timing chain kit is light weight but stronger than any other kit available due to the weight savings of billet steel and CNC machinery. Rolling resistance is also substantially decreased on the cam gear with the use of a Torrington thrust bearing. No additional machining is required to fit this kit and there is no need for offset bushings or drilling of cam gears.

All Red series timing chain kits come with a standard billet steel construction, induction hardened crank gear and Rollmaster's own premium grade full roller timing chain.

Rollmaster Double Row Timing Chain Set