Paul Nelson

from 2011 to 2017
Biggera Waters, QLD, Australia

Paul Nelson was the Corvette's first owner in Australia. The car was shipped to Australia by Jim Lau of Gold Coast Muscle Cars using One World Auto Shippers of Wilmington, California.

I didn’t really need to do much to the car as it was pretty good from the start…Just new carpet and the wheels and tires. I think I had the radiator o/hauled. I drove it probably 3 times a week.
Lee Day History
When I purchased the Red Rocket it came with a spare set of wheels — the turbo-style American Racing wheels shown in this image. I found this image on the website of Detroit Vintage Wheels (no longer in business) who restored these original 70's wheels. Paul Nelson ran these wheels on the car in Australia with custom made center caps.
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