Whereabouts unknown

from 1980 to 1990
possibly New Mexico, USA

What happened to the Corvette after Lee Day died is unknown. I was told the car spent some time in a car museum, possibly in New Mexico. Galen Dae (the third known owner) also thinks the car spent time in New Mexico, but neither Bill Gould nor I have been able to find any evidence to support this. I found red dirt in places that no-one has touched for a long time (like the inside of the heater ducts), and Galen talked about cleaning a ton of red dirt out of the chassis — was it New Mexico dust? I guess we'll never know.

When the Red Rocket showed up at Park Performance in Milpitas in 1990 (see below) the only document still with the car was the original Owners Manual (which probably stayed with the car simply because it was in the glove compartment). Any other original paperwork was probably lost when Lee Day died. Lee had no children to make sure any documents stayed with the car, so it's likely his records were discarded.

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