Rob Hackett

from 2017 to 2018
Bundanoon, NSW, Australia

Rob Hackett owned the Corvette for a little over a year, selling it to help fund the purchase of a Lamborghini Diablo (I later learnt that the Diablo purchase never eventuated). Rob was a real 'car guy', he raced historic Alfa Romeos and had owned many 'hot' cars over the years. Rob was a member of the Highland Cruisers car club, and the Corvette was shown at club events.

Rob did some suspension work on the Corvette, including a few new rubbers and bushings and fitting Koni shocks all round. He also fitted a new 600cfm Holley 4150 carb (same spec as standard).

Lee Day History
Rob says goodbye to the Corvette for the last time in February 2018 as it heads to its new home in Sydney.
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