Chris McInnes

from 2018 to Present
Sydney, NSW, Australia

I purchased the Corvette from Rob Hackett in January 2018. The car was in great mechanical shape, it only needed a service and the rear brake calipers reconditioned when I got it.

I've focussed on tidying up a lot of little things and generally trying to get the car as neat, clean and original as I can. All the maintenance carried out by me is documented in the Journal section of this site.

I try to drive the Red Rocket every Sunday (but never in the rain!), it's such a great car to drive it would be a shame not to enjoy it. No matter where I go it always gets plenty of attention, there just aren't many cars like this out on the roads these days unfortunately.

Since March 2020 (and the arrival of COVID-19) the car was driven very little, and an engine rebuild kept it garage-bound from November 2020 to July 2021. It was an opportunity to spend a lot of time on cleaning and restoration jobs (all documented in the Journal).

Lee Day History
The Red Rocket takes in the sights on Sydney Harbour.
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