Lee A. Day

from 1965 to 1980
Sacramento, California, USA

Lee Day was the Red Rocket's first owner, taking delivery from Lew Williams Chevrolet in Sacramento on 10 March, 1965. Most of what is known about Lee came from the research done by Corvette historian Bill Gould at Auto Ancestry.

Lee Day worked as a mechanic at Lew Williams Chevrolet, and was already in his 50's when he bought the Corvette. Lee was still working at Lew Williams Chevrolet until at least 1975, and probably retired around 1978. We believe Lee Day died in February 1980, only a couple of years after retiring from Lew Williams. It's possible he still owned the Corvette when he passed.

We believe Lee and his wife Fawn (who died in 1973) did not have any children, so what became of the Corvette when Lee died remains a mystery.

Lee Day History
Above: Bill Gould's research found this record for Lee Day showing that he worked as a mechanic at Lew Williams Chevrolet in Sacramento.
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