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Wilwood D8-4 Front Brake Calipers
Wilwood D8-4 Front Brake Calipers
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Wilwood Brake Upgrade

This kit from Wilwood is made specifically for 65 to 82 Corvettes. Designed as a direct, bolt-on replacement for the standard Delco calipers, the kit includes the calipers, pads and braided lines with 90º elbows. Type III hard anodized forged billet aluminum bodies, stainless steel pistons, and high-temperature seals put an end to the rust, bore pitting and seal failures that plague the OE caliper design.

D8-4 calipers mount in the stock location over stock rotors, use the original style D8 brake pads, and fit snugly inside most ’67 or newer production wheels. Some wheels, including the 1965-66 OE “JK” code steel wheels and a few aftermarket replica alloy wheels, will require a 3/16” or wider wheel spacer for clearance.

Wilwood D8-4 Front Brake Calipers