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63-67 2-1/2" Magnaflow Muffler
63-67 2-1/2" Magnaflow Muffler
Corvette Central
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Exhaust System Replacement

These 1963-1967 Reproduction Corvette Mufflers have a 2-1/2" inlet with a 2" outlet. GM stock mufflers originally had a 2" outlet, and the exhaust extension is also 2". These Corvette Central mufflers look just like the factory mufflers, including using the factory hangers with 2 bolts to adjust the outlet position.

These Magnaflow mufflers use a 100% Stainless Steel muffler case and perforated Stainless Steel straight through core design which delivers improved performance, reduced resonance, extended durability, and smooth deep tone. There are no chambers, no baffles, and no louvers to restrict exhaust flow.

63-67 2-1/2" Magnaflow Muffler