Journal Update

April 2022
Setting the Digital Rev-limiter

When the Ignitor ignition was upgraded I never had a chance to check the setting of the rev-limiter. It's relatively easy to reset (or disable) the rev-limiter, it's set at 5500 from the factory. I removed the distributor cap and followed the instructions below to set the limiter to 5000.


1. Remove distributor cap and rotor.

2. Turn the ignition key to the ‘ON’ position. Do not try starting the engine.

3. Turn the Rev-Limit dial clockwise until it stops. Turn the dial counterclockwise until it stops. A slow blinking of the LED indicates that the setting procedure has been initialised and that the Rev-Limit can be set.

4. Turning the dial clockwise sets the Rev-Limit. After turning the dial, pause and watch the LED for verification of the Rev-Limit setting. Long flashes indicate 1000 RPM’s and short flashes indicate 100 RPM’s. For example, 6 long flashes followed by 2 short flashes means the Rev-Limit is 6200 RPM’s. Continue turning the Rev-Limit dial until the desired Rev-Limit is reached.

NOTE: Leaving the Rev-Limit dial in the full counterclockwise position disables the Rev-Limiter.

5. Let the LED sequence thru at least three complete cycles. This verifies the correct setting and prepares the unit for permanent storage of the Rev-Limit.

6. Turn the ignition key off, this signifies to the Ignitor III that the Rev-Limit procedure is complete. Note: The Ignition key MUST be turned off or the engine will not start.

7. Your rev limit is now set and will not change until you go through this procedure again.

8. Re-install cap and rotor.

NOTE: Setting the rev limit may be done effectively and easily on a bench or table. Connect the module to a 9-volt battery as shown below. Then follow the setting procedure outlined above.