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PerTronix Ignitor III
PerTronix Ignitor III
Pro Quip International
Date Fitted
March 2022
Related Project
PerTronix Ignitor Upgrade

The Ignitor® III is the latest ignition module from PerTronix, an evolution of the Ignitor® and Ignitor® II series of electronic ignitions.

Ignitor® III features include:

  • Multiple sparks thru the entire RPM range.
  • Integrated Digital REV Limiter with LED feedback for precise RPM setting.
  • Memory safe function stores settings, eliminating unintended changes to Rev limit.
  • Adaptive dwell maintains peak energy throughout the entire RPM range, reducing misfires while improving engine performance.
  • Peak current level is reached just prior to spark for maximum energy without the heat build-up, increasing coil performance and module reliability.
  • Adjusts spark timing at higher RPMs to compensate for the inherent electronic delay.
  • Senses startup and increases energy for quicker, easier starting.
  • Thermal clad surface mount construction for superior reliability.
  • Built-in reverse polarity and over-current protection shuts down the system, preventing component damage.
PerTronix Ignitor III