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ANBI Switch Battery Isolator
ANBI Switch Battery Isolator
ANBI Switch
Date Fitted
February 2022
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The ANBI Battery Switch is a battery isolator intended to avoid battery drainage caused by power-hungry components, like the Corvette's analogue clock, and general energy leakage. It attaches to the negative battery post, and uses a simple, heavy-duty slider switch to isolate the battery.

I think an isolator is an absolute must-have on old cars that are stored for extended periods. Not only do they prevent battery drainage, but by cutting power to the entire vehicle, they eliminate the possibility of the car burning to the ground due to an electrical fault.

I've tried a few options, from just pulling the negative lead off the battery to the screw-type isolators (which I think are rubbish). The ANBI Switch is very nicely designed, its adjustability means it can be made to fit any type of battery post in any location. It's much more compact than the blade-type isolators, so hopefully it will prove to be a good solution.

ANBI also claim the switch provides a theft deterrent by immobilising the vehicle when activated, however it would only be effective against very lazy car thieves.

ANBI Switch Battery Isolator